Thursday, June 4, 2009

Manik Urai By-Election: How BN can make their lives better

PUTRAJAYA: Barisan Nasional is taking a one-on-one approach in explaining to the people of Manik Urai, Kelantan, what the ruling party is all about and what it could do to make their lives better.
Its major focus would be on at least half of the over 12,000 voters who are below the age of 40.

Umno Youth deputy chief Datuk Razali Ibrahim said members of the Youth and Puteri wings would be getting close to this group of voters to dispel any untruths about the BN spread by the opposition.

"Capturing the hearts of at least half of these voters would be very good for the party."

Razali said the party did not see Manik Urai as a Pas stronghold.
He said after several losses in recent by-elections, BN was determined to wrest the Manik Urai seat from Pas.

Umno had outlined new approaches in making itself more appealing to voters.

These included tackling local issues faced by the people in the constituency and well as issues related to development identified by the party.

"Our presence in Manik Urai would allow the people to hear BN out and the good we can bring to the area."

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