Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nazrin: Courts Not for Political Antics

The courts should not be used for political influence or perceived by the people as “a place for theatrical performance with pre-written scripts,” said Raja Muda of Perak Raja Nazrin Shah.

He urged legal practitioners to defend the sanctity of the courts from being deviated by those who were irresponsible.

Speaking at the 14th convocation ceremony for the Certificate of Legal Practice (CLP) examination at the Putra World Trade Centre, Raja Nazrin reminded law graduates to refrain from activities and behaviour that could tarnish the image of the legal profession.

“Practice according to the highest code of ethics to strengthen the democratic system in line with check and balance mechanisms for the three pillars — the legislative, executive and judiciary,” he said.

He said the basic principles contained in the Constitution must be upheld to ensure justice so that people will continue to have faith in the legal system.

“A fair legal system is the pre-condition to ensure peace in the country.

“It is an effective instrument to distance a citizen from seeking other alternatives and lead to a state of anarchy.

“Rule of law implemented in a transparent manner is an important component to boost the confidence of outsiders, especially foreign investors,’’ he said.

Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail, chairman of the Legal Profession Qualifying Board, said 286 candidates out of 628 passed the examination (45.54% passing rate) last year compared to 36.5% (2007), 26.24% (2006), 35.67% (2005) and 32.86% (2004).

Abdul Gani, who expressed regret that allegations were still made against the board that the quota system existed in the CLP exam, said:

“The passing rate improved last year compared with the previous years. The rate is never based on quota, whether race or percentage. The board will not pass any candidates who are not qualified.”

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